Meet Chantelle

Co-founder; specializing in marketing, communications, and design 

It is rare when someone finds a job that fulfills their lifelong  passions, but Chantelle has found it.  She offers strategic thinking, a deep love of words, boundless creativity, and the education and experience to make it all work.

Chantelle's greatest strength in writing and creating is that she is always looking to learn and grow. There are so many different applications for writing, marketing, and design, and each require a different approach. Chantelle finds that fascinating.

In her free time Chantelle loves pretending she has a green thumb, listening to Meatloaf, researching the etymology of words, and exploring concepts of sustainability. 


  • Public Relations Diploma, MacEwan University

  • Bachelor of Professional Communications, Royal Roads University 

  • Visual Design Certificate, NAIT (in-progress)


Meet Mike

Co-founder; specializing in coaching, social media strategy, and business communicatios

Mike is a natural leader and experienced entrepreneur. He has a technical, strategic mind and needs to know how and why things work. Mike is passionate about building businesses through exceptional marketing strategies and strong leadership. 

Mike has worn many professional hats. He spent 18 years in the Navy where he held multiple leadership positions and was a trained professional technologist. Mike has successfully built and sold multiple businesses, and is a Certified Business Development Coach with The Locker Room ( an International coaching group). 

In his free time Mike loves to go boating, experiment with woodworking, and experience Edmonton's local restaurants and cafes.



  • Bachelor of Professional Communications, Royal Roads University

  • Certified Locker Room Business Coach 

  • Certified Wedding Planner